Guide to VIP Casinos

Gambling enthusiasts love some best-in-class games. For every bet made on a casino game, the player always hopes for luck to be in their favor. The player requirement doesn’t go unnoticed by casino companies. With the intention to attract more players online casinos roll out the best promotions and offers to satisfy and impress their clientele. Some of the most common bonuses are offered to players in the form of Welcome Bonuses, reload bonuses, match bonuses, and free spins. All these are menial in comparison to VIP casino bonuses, offered by many casinos. As the name suggests, the VIP bonus offer is only given to a set of casino members or those individuals who are loyal and have cultivated a long-term relationship with the casino operator.

This blog is a comprehensive guide to VIP casinos and how you can avail of their benefits. Want to be a part of it? Then let’s get started!

What to Expect From VIP Casinos

In an effort to engage and retain regular and high-roller players, casinos offer a VIP scheme. The VIP program is a special casino promotion, designed to accommodate elite casino players and provide them with exclusive bonuses, offers, and services. While the VIP scheme will also offer the same bonuses that are enjoyed by regular casino players, the VIP bonus is a premium offer, and often goes beyond the usual casino bonuses and promotions. On top of the usual casino bonuses, the players will get access to exclusive casino perks and premium services that are ordinarily accessible to regular players. Different casinos will devise their own VIP clubs and programs in different ways. While there may be some differences in the way the programs are structured,  the benefits and perks are usually universal. Listed below are some of the popular perks and services that are given to members of the VIP Club or Program:

  • Exclusive promotions and perks
  • Higher comp points given to VIP members
  • High withdrawal and deposit limits
  • Access to a personal VIP assistant and VIP manager
  • Access to exclusive events and promotions
  • Higher reload bonuses

How Can You Avail of VIP Casino Bonuses

Not everyone is given a chance to play and enjoy the perks and bonuses associated with the VIP program. Since the VIP program is known for exclusive offers and perks, it is only understandable that casino operators are careful and selective in their approach in choosing and inviting casino members. There are casinos out that will open the program to all new members of the casino. Under this arrangement, there are no requirements involved, and the players will start earning points as soon as they start placing wagers. Now, the number of points that will be earned while playing the games will unlock the VIP bonus. The higher the points collected by the player, the bigger the chance that he will assume a significant position in the VIP ladder, which translates to a larger VIP bonus.

There are some casinos that will require a minimum deposit before a player can be eligible for the VIP bonus. To join an exclusive club and enjoy high-end services like a VIP bonus, a casino member should deposit at least €1,000. The participating casino will normally match this up with 1,000 points as part of the VIP program. This is considered a High Roller or a VIP bonus, and normally a first step in joining the program.

A more private and premium arrangement is the by-invitation VIP scheme. Under this program, players get into the program and enjoy the VIP bonus by invitation only. If this is the case, the casino may devise special ways and rules on how to invite and select future members of the club and recipients of the VIP bonus. There are different rules that govern the by-invitation-only VIP Club, but most of the time, the invitation to join the exclusive club is often given to high rollers of the casino, or to regular players.

Common Features of VIP Casinos

A VIP bonus and the VIP Club are designed for the elite players, and to pamper high rollers of the casino. Although there are differences in terms of bonus offerings and structure, these programs share some features and principles.

Offers tiered levels. Almost all casinos that offer loyalty and VIP schemes structure their programs in different tiers or levels. There are different ways on how these tiers and levels are named, and usually, these are arranged as ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’. Other casinos may offer a different nomenclature for their VIP scheme. There may be differences in nomenclature or naming, but the principle remains the same. The tiered levels used in casinos are used as a strategy to categorize VIP players and the amount or types of bonuses that can be earned

VIP bonus comes in cash, playing bonuses even special perks. When it comes to bonuses like a VIP bonus, the common thinking is that it comes in the form of cash or playing money. Although this is common, keep in mind that a VIP bonus can also come in different forms, like invites to special events and tournaments, and even tickets to concerts, cruises, and vacations

VIP bonus points convertible to cash. Another feature of the VIP bonus points is that these are convertible to cash. Once a player has collected a specified amount of points, these can be converted to cash. And in some casinos, these VIP bonus points can be exchanged for gadgets and other consumer electronics. Also, points can be exchanged for plane or concert tickets

In the casino gaming industry, the VIP bonus is the most important and special perks that can be earned. Being eligible for this bonus is both financially and physiologically rewarding. With this bonus, a VIP player can enjoy more casino games without having to wager more money, and more importantly, receiving a VIP bonus is satisfying, knowing that the casino appreciates your business.

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