Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses and offers are the sole features that escalate the value of a casino multifold. Irrespective of whether you choose to play on a brand new casino or an old one, you will always find some enticing offers to increase your profits. Online casinos often offer such bonuses to attract new players and increase the loyalty of the existing ones. On the other hand, some players treat this feature as the deciding factor for choosing a casino site to gamble on. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation for both!

Whichever casino you choose, you’re sure to come across some irresistible values in the form of bonuses. But what are the different kinds of bonuses that these casinos offer and how can you extract their maximum value? Fret not. Find out all about casino bonuses with us!

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 Cashback ₹ 3,500 T & C Apply VisitReview
2 100% Match BonusT & C Apply VisitReview
3 100% Welcome BonusT & C Apply VisitReview
4 100% Welcome BonusT & C Apply VisitReview
5 100% Welcome BonusT & C Apply VisitReview
6 Cashback ₹ 3,500 T & C Apply VisitReview
7 100% match bonus T & C Apply VisitReview
8 100% Live Welcome BonusT & C Apply VisitReview
9 100% Welcome BonusT & C Apply VisitReview
10 Welcome Bonus of 100%T & C Apply VisitReview

What are casino bonuses

Every casino platform provides its players with the opportunity to avail of various bonuses. Due to high competition in the gambling market, casinos offer a wide range of offers and benefits to make them stand out from the crowd. The bonuses that you avail of from these sites can be used for investing in bets on the site while playing your favorite online casino games and multiply your profits.

But all good things come with a little struggle. These bonuses too have a catch- the wagering requirements. This requirement differs in each casino based on the casino policies. It is the best practice to check the wagering requirements of each bonus before you accept it. Sometimes, you might get a 100% match bonus valid for a majority of games in the casino but you can only encash it after you fulfill the wagering requirements.

The most common bonuses offered by online casino sites are:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • No-deposit bonus
  • VIP bonus
  • Cashback
  • Reload bonus
  • Free spins

Availing bonus

Online casinos often offer more than one type of bonus. The most common and sought-after bonus is the ‘welcome bonus’ and the ‘no-deposit bonus’. Thereafter, you get free spins and cashback.

For the existing players, casinos offer VIP bonuses and loyalty points. These are some tremendously exciting benefits that you can avail of if you are a regular user of a casino site.

The process of availing of bonuses is different for each bonus. Generally, welcome bonuses are awarded to the new player right after they sign up for the casino and make their first payment. For a no-deposit bonus, you only need to sign up. The bonus will directly be credited to your account without having to make a deposit. Free spins are offered in many ways; you can receive them clubbed with other bonuses or as a standalone promotional offer. VIP bonus and loyalty points, of course, are rewarded to the regular players and are based on their performance in the games. Cashback and reload bonuses too are for the existing players.

We’ll get into the details of each bonus in a while. Until then, stay tuned.

New casino bonuses

Bonuses and offers are primarily used by online casinos to maintain consistent traffic on their website. You might find yourself wondering if the new ones offer the same value as the mature ones, provided that they barely have any traffic turning to their website. Well, they do.

In fact, new casinos usually offer better and greater bonuses to attract new customers to their website. The reason is simple- better bonuses equals more players.

Casino owners often invest excessive amounts of money during the initial phase of the launch. This amount is enough to keep the company running for some time, but they do need an inflow of profit soon. This is why they need to lure in new players with hefty offers which would later convert into profits for the casino.

Types of Bonuses

Now, let’s find out all about the various bonuses casinos have to offer to their players!

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses lay the groundwork for keeping the players engaged on a casino website for longer. These bonuses, however, have high wagering requirements that the player must fulfill in order to convert the winnings into real money. Quite frankly, it is nerve-wracking yet extremely fun.

No-Deposit Bonus

Some people are skeptical of depositing money on casino websites. Being conscious about investments is not wrong anyway. For such people, No-Deposit bonuses are the way to go.

As the name suggests, this type of bonus doesn’t require any deposit. Soon as you sign up for a casino site offering this bonus, it is straight away credited to your player’s account. There is a possibility that you might receive free spins instead of a match bonus under this offer. You can use the bonus to gamble on the website and win money.

However, such bonuses are not applicable to all the games on the website. You should go through the list of games you can play with your bonus. Moreover, this bonus might have high wagering requirements, validity period, or does not convert winnings into real money but free spins or loyalty points.

Free Spins

Online casinos offer free spins to promote their slot machines or new slot titles. These bonuses may be stand-alone offers for slot promotions or clubbed with the welcome bonus.

The free spins can be used on slot machines or wheel games without betting or losing real money. It also acts as a great way to familiarize newbies with slot machines on the website or attract players to new slot titles.

Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus allows the player to get a percentage of their lost amount on casino games. Usually, you’ll find such offers on the website from time to time for a short duration. It is generally a part of promotional or marketing activity.

Reload Bonus

When an existing player makes a new deposit to their playing account, they might be able to avail of a reload bonus. This is available only when the player exhausts all the funds in their account and reloads it. These are usually offered on a weekly or monthly basis.

Wagering Requirements

With each casino bonus, there is a wagering requirement. This refers to the amount that the player needs to bet on a game before the bonus turns cashable.

The wagering requirement differs from 10x of the match bonus to 150x or more depending on the game or bonus. Additionally, the bonuses might have a validity period before which the player needs to fulfill the wagering requirements, else the bonus lapses.

The best combination for players to make a substantial benefit from the bonuses is low wagering requirements and high payouts. These are easier to complete within the stipulated time frame, ending up in real cash instead of wasted time.

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