About Us

Gambling is a compelling and exciting activity for many. While brick and mortar casinos are banned in most parts of the world, online casinos have mushroomed at a rapidly increasing rate on the internet. The expansive growth in such casino platforms has left gambling enthusiasts confused and clueless in making the right choice of an ideal casino website. This is where Rupee Online Casino comes to the rescue!

Casino websites have taken up significant space in the four-dimensional digital world. Rupee Online Casino acts as the bible for online casinos with the ultimate list of casino platforms available in India. With years of consistent exploration, immense passion for gambling, and continuous rummaging to present you with in-depth information about online casinos, we strive to fulfill our sole purpose of serving everyone looking for the best online casinos out there.

Every day there are several casino websites surfacing on the internet; new additions and updates are being made on the pre-existing ones; every casino is pushing harder and faster to penetrate the gambling market and climbing up the stairway to the top of this industry. With the rapid growth in this market, we ensure to grow faster and smarter. We make it a point to keep a track of all the developments in the casino market and deliver everything to our customers with lightning-fast speed and precision.

Who Are We?

Rupee Online Casino is just the right fit for all casino lovers. We hunt down the best casinos operational in India for you. We evaluate all the elements that make it the ideal platform for gambling lovers. Right from the game selection, to license, to security of transactions- we account for it all. With unmatched expertise in the world of online gambling, we fulfill your interests and bring to you all that you need.

For every casino we feature on our website, we provide a comprehensive review comprising of every reason why it can be the right casino for you. The pros and cons of every casino will help you find your match for online gambling. You can always take a look at our reviews and choose from the wide range of casinos that you find suitable.

Our Mission

Rupee Online Casino strives to present the most detailed and reliable guide to online casinos in India. Our reviews can be browsed through by anyone from any part of the world but is primarily Indian market-oriented. We are very particular about the casinos we list on our website. Each casino is well-assessed by our team of experts that has years of experience in this field. Accounting for every element that makes your gambling experience a legendary one, our reviews are based on facts and relevance to the players.

We focus on making online gambling a hassle-free and secure experience for every player who dives in.

Our Principles

Rupee Online Casino is a website with uncompromising morality and strict quality assurance. Our principles are inclusiveness, transparent, unbiased, and unceasing, regardless of the circumstances- and we stand by them at all times.

What Do We Evaluate?

Our experts take the utmost care in evaluating and curating the list of casinos that we feature on our website. Here’s primarily what we include:

  • Operators: The root of the casino plays a vital role in making it trustworthy. We see to it that the operators or parent company of the casinos are reputable in the casino industry and can be trusted with our customers.
  • License: Only licensed casinos are permitted for operations in India. The casinos registered with casino regulatory authorities are mandated to follow strict guidelines and quality policies. This is crucial in making them safe and reliable. We mention the license issuing authorities in our reviews of casinos to make it transparent to the players.
  • Safety Measures: The priority of most casino players is the security of data on any casino website. We ensure that the casinos listed on our website employ safety measures of the highest order. SSL encryption, legitimate licenses, etc are some of the key factors we acknowledge while assessing a website.
  • Game Developers: Games hosted on a casino website is provided by game developers. If the games are provided by reputable and licensed game developers, they have a proven track record of being secure and unadulterated. With such games, you can be assured that there won’t be any partiality when you play. The list of game providers is also provided in the reviews.
  • Game Selection: What is a casino without games? Our reviews have a detailed analysis of the different game selections that the casinos have to offer. If there’s something special or extraordinary, we make sure to add them too. You can check out the list of games in our reviews and find your favorite ones!
  • Payment Gateways: It is imperative for an online casino to not only employ safety measures but a variety of options for deposit and withdrawal of funds to and from the player’s account. We take into account all the details related to payments and include them in our reviews. You can find all about the payment solutions offered, currencies accepted, processing time, and much more.
  • Offers and Bonuses: The most exciting element of a casino website is the offers and bonuses. We include the list of bonuses offered in each casino and how you can avail of it.
  • Formats: Online casinos usually have different formats of games for extra enjoyment. Usually, there are live games, virtual games, or both. You can find the details about this in the reviews.
  • Pros and Cons: To wind up our review, we summarize with the pros and cons. At our platform, you can take one look at this segment and get the basic idea about the characteristics of the casino you want to play on. Don’t forget to check it out!
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