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We are your perfect partner for online gambling. On our website, you can find the best casinos operational in India and choose your favorite! You can also browse through our list and find casino games to play online!

Finding the right casinos can be troublesome sometimes but we have the perfect solution! We have enlisted the top casinos of India and reviewed them for your perusal.

rupee online casinos

Our team of experts has invested their time to go through every aspect of each of the listed casinos and curated the list of the most reliable, safe, and exciting gambling platforms. Rupee Online Casino only features licensed casinos available in India. With us, you can find in-depth analysis and unbiased reviews of the best casinos operating in the country. Our experts ensure the optimum quality of the casinos by assessing the overall feel and the security quotient of the website. You can find the details of the games, payment solutions, bonuses and offers, pros and cons, resulting in a perfect package for your gambling experience.

Our Aim

Online gambling and finding a legitimate casino online is not a piece of cake. There is a lot that you need to take into consideration before you invest your money. Rupee Online Casino does all this hard work for you.

We bring to you a high-quality, reliable, and comprehensive information source at your fingertips. We personally assess all the online casino websites and after considering all the necessary features into account, we list the best ones on our website. We ensure that all the gambling platforms enlisted on our website are legal, have a variety of casino games, offer a safe and variety of transaction methods, and let you have a world-class gambling experience online!

Gambling is a fun activity. Our aim is to offer a hassle-free and exciting gambling experience on all fronts. Whether you are just starting off your gambling journey or are a seasoned player, we strive to cater to your gambling requirements. This is exactly why the casinos that we feature have just the right blend of inclusiveness. Right from the basics of a casino website to highly specific features, we evaluate everything thoroughly. Be it a gaming experience or easy and secure payment solutions- we bring the best of all to you.

Rupee Online Casino offers a comprehensive analysis of each of the listed casinos on our website. These analyses are presented in the form of review which includes elements of the casino website like website safety protocols, game selection, user interface, and user experience.

We make it a point to update the new developments with regards to the enlisted casinos. Our website is constantly updated. The smallest to largest changes in the casinos are reviewed and mentioned in the reviews. We believe our customers deserve detailed and regulated information with regards to their interest and we make sure to be consistent in that direction.

With us, you have the chance to explore the adventurous and exciting world of online casinos. Doubt? Put us to the test!

Online gambling in India

Unfortunately, India still follows the gambling prohibition law imposed by the British in 1867. Since then, nothing much has changed on the gambling front except a few amendments here and there.

gambling in india

While brick and mortar casinos remain banished in a majority of regions in the country, online casinos are left completely unregulated and unaccounted for. This is good and bad news for gambling enthusiasts. On one hand, since there is no legal framework around online gambling, the benefit of the doubt has allowed you, gambling lovers, to enjoy your favorite casino games online. On the other hand, without any stringent laws to regulate these casinos, players are exposed to the risk of fraudulence and money laundering through fake casino websites.

Today, with the soaring popularity of online casinos, it has become quite cumbersome to choose the ideal one for self. Fake casinos are prevalent on the internet just as much as the authentic ones. In extreme cases, one wrong click on the wrong website or feeding personal information on shady gambling platforms can drain your website of all your hard-earned money. Sounds scary, right?

Fortunately, you can easily bypass all that horror and stress by simply referring to a trusted source of information. At Rupee Online Casino, you will only find the legal, authentic, and reliable casinos that are available in India. You can simply choose the one that suits you and get gambling stress-free!

Payment Solutions

We understand the value of your money and how painstakingly one makes every penny. Putting your hard-earned money at risk is something we can never accept. Nonetheless, making online transactions at shady casinos can pose a great risk not just to your invested money but even your bank account. We condemn such malpractices. We only list the casino websites that have SSL encrypted payment solutions and offer a variety of options so that you can make your payment at your convenience.

Additionally, the hassle of currency conversion is just too much to put up with. Thankfully, many Indian casinos allow transactions in INR. We ensure to add this piece of information in our reviews. If you think it is important for you, look out for the accepted currency information on our website.


Rupee Online Casino provides you with the details of every bonus and offers that you can avail of at each casino. Right from the welcome bonus to the loyalty club, we have it all in our reviews.

With the comprehensive analysis and the ultimate list of online casinos in India, Rupee Online Casino is your handbook for finding the ideal online gambling destination for you. Visit our website, find your favorite casino, and let the game begin!

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